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We offer:

School & College Softwares
Sahakari software
Business Accounting Software
Nepali Accounting Siftware
Clean Me
Medical/ Pharmacy Software

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Phone: 056530383 Click Software Solution Bharatpur 10 Chitwan J. B. Thapa Contact:9855056054 Akin Shekh Contact: 9855080808 Narayan Dhakal Contact: 9845431107   [contact-form-7 id="128" title="contact form 7"]

How can we help you?


Phone: 056530383 , Click Software Solution, Bharatpur - 10, Synergy Chowk, Chitwan

J. B. Thapa
Contact : 9855056054

Akin Shekh
Contact : 9855080808

Narayan Dhakal
Contact : 9845431107

Diwas Sapkota
Contact : 9845921542